Drop sets involve doing a set to failure with weight then straight away, doing another set to failure with less weight. This can be done by reducing the weight once (double-drop), reducing the weight twice (triple-drop) or using every successive sets of dumbbells down a rack (down-the-rack).
Drop sets allow you to use more of your muscle fibres during an exercise and therefore increase the intensity of your workout. A tougher workout will lead to improved muscular stamina and also muscle hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is the method of working your muscles to make them bigger. Drop sets are helpful for those looking to boost the power and intensity of their workouts.
As drop sets lengthen your set further than its usual end point, it will work your muscles much harder than usual. This increased intensity can result in more muscle soreness than usual.
Drop sets are an advanced training method and should be used moderately until you are more experienced. To prevent your muscles becoming over trained, don’t over do drop sets; allow your body ample time to recover before repeating this exercise.