Time to talk strength…..

Posted on 19, Aug

This blog is not so much about how to get stronger, but rather when you should focus on strength. If you’re looking to develop a great physique that is both aesthetically pleasing and can perform well, strength is a huge part of that. However, it’s a very long process, often necessitating periods with a greater […]

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Benefits of drop sets

Posted on 9, Jan

Drop sets involve doing a set to failure with weight then straight away, doing another set to failure with less weight. This can be done by reducing the weight once (double-drop), reducing the weight twice (triple-drop) or using every successive sets of dumbbells down a rack (down-the-rack). Drop sets allow you to use more of […]

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How to lose fat faster

Posted on 8, Jan

No matter how long you’ve neglected your body, it’s never too late to shape up and get rid of excess fat. However, as everyone has differing body types, simply losing weight on the scales isn’t the only criteria: how you look and how you feel are the best indicators of progress. Step by step: Smaller […]

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